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What your Favourite Perfume is actually revealing about your personality

What your Favourite Perfume is actually revealing about your personality

Have you ever wondered why the floral scent draws your attention over all the other scents?

Just like your clothing, jewellery, and shoes draws your unique style, according to research it has been found that your favourite perfume as well, reveals a lot about your personality. Below is a list of the most popular type of scents and what they reveal about your personality.  

Floral Scents

Floral blends are the top most popular scents in the perfume world. They reveal freshness and feminism. Ladies wearing floral scents are bright and lively. They tend to show off their pretty dresses, skirts, and high heels because they love being so feminine. They are very elegant, modern, sweet, and confident. They love to be the center of attention, and the party never starts without them. 

Fresh Scents

Those are the beauties with a sense of humour. If you favour fresh scents, then your fragrances are citrus, green, and cool in personality. They say that you are sporty, energetic, and outgoing. You like to live life to the fullest and infuse your sense of humour everywhere. Nobody is as chilled as you are.  

Citrus fragrances explode with zesty lemon, mandarin and grapefruit. They are very light and clean. While green fragrances are crisp, sporty, and confident. They have a sharper edge than any other fragrance group. So if you like to show your own sharp edge away from stereotyping then the green scent is for you. 

Oriental Scents

For those who leave the greatest impressions. This group of perfume includes the musk and amber elements. They are warm and intense. The fans of this type tend to be bossy, leaders, and achievers. They are perfectionist and total critics of themselves and others. They tend to be harsh on themselves at times, but it definitely pays back in great achievements. If you happen to be one of the rare individuals of oriental scents, then you are a mysterious person and might have a bit of a daredevil side. 

 Fruity Scents

If you like berries, apples and tropical fruit scent you might get a little surprised at who you are. Fruity scents are sweet, but the truth is that its fans are just the opposite. "They tend to be more irritable, cranky, and pessimistic," says Dr Hirsch. You are very moody and don’t get along with others. You might need to consider changing your attitude before it’s too late. 

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