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The importance and significance of wearing a specific fragrance

The importance and significance of wearing a specific fragrance

Is it important to wear a perfume? How does it affect our personal impressions? You must be aware that it not only has an impact on you but also on those around you. Over all, perfumes are intended to create an atmosphere of beauty and seduction.   

Lasting Impression

For many of us preparing for an event or even just being seen walking on the street, our outfit does not feel complete without the final touches of our favorite perfume spray. It’s part of who we are, and how we like to be perceived by others. For example, a floral based scent boosts your feminism, while an oriental based scent shows that you are resilient and in control. As a matter of fact, people around you will definitely recognize that you’re wearing a perfume and will most probably remember you every time they smell the same scent. It will get attached with you and last in their memory.

Perfume and skin reaction

Choosing your own unique perfume is not just something related to taste, but also our skin reacts differently to scents creating a unique smell owned by you only. The exact bottle of perfume that your friend uses might smell slightly differently on you. You need to be aware that what suits others might not suit you. So if you want to make a good impression, you need to be careful that the scent you smell and like on others actually suits your skin after reaction.

Mood enhancer

Scents are scientifically proven to have an effect on our mood. Different scents will have different effects on our mood, and this is the reason why you have to be careful on selecting what actually uplifts your mood, and not the opposite. For example, a vanilla based perfume may help you to keep calm, while a spicy based perfume might make you feel tensioned. Fresh scents might help you keep alert and feel energized which is a typical choice for sport players. Musky scents are very warm and may help you feel romantic and sensual. Floral scents are very pretty and may help you expose your feminism. For a different effect away from mood, wood-based scents help smokers to eliminate smoke odors.   


Perfume plays just an equally important role in seduction, like clothes do. This is the reason why we see most perfume advertisements tie their scents with seduction. It is how they position their perfume in the market. Seduction is an approach to creating pleasant human relationships. We seduce each other in many ways, not just sexually as many think. For example a job interview needs an art of seduction different from a date. We can use perfumes to seduce and create that bond we are looking for.

In conclusion, perfume must be part of us and never be ignored. It gives a message of who we are. It creates a lasting impression, enhances our mood, and plays a key role in seducing others to you.

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