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Helpful hints for gentlemen from your cologne connoisseur

Helpful hints for gentlemen from your cologne connoisseur

We cannot disagree that today fragrances has become one of the main parts of dress code. It is the invisible part that we cannot see but for sure we can smell and remember forever. A fragrance can become part of our personality, part of who we are and how we like to be perceived by the world.

Why wear a fragrance?

From making you feel more confident, to seducing a woman and enhancing your mood. Guys you need is to understand the amazing impact a scent can have. The right aroma can create an atmosphere around you that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. Surprisingly more than 80% of men do not wear it on a regular basis because it’s just not part of their social practice. Really guys come on!

In a European study it was shown that fragrance is the number one most powerful factor for women in choosing a man, just the opposite to men who uses visual cues in choosing a woman. So yes, wearing the right cologne will boost your charm and desirability amongst women.

Dress to impress

We have all heard it “dress to impress” but gentlemen the smell is the key component of your presence. Dressing accordingly will enhance your image and it can make you feel confident about yourself. However wearing the right scent can just boost that confidence to the next level and create an impression that you are a sharp and put-together man. So now you can be confident that you not only look good but also smell good.

Now that we understand why it is important for a man to wear a cologne, let’s take a quick look on the etiquette of wearing it correctly.

Less is more

We need to understand that cologne is not intended to be our scent, it is meant to enhance our aromas in a gentle way. If you are trying to change your bad odors, don’t try to bathe in it, taking a shower can do you better. Putting too much can be over empowering and unbearable for those around you. Knowing when to stop can be tricky because we cannot smell our self like others do. Cologne is intended to be discovered on you and not loudly announced. So as rule of thumb, one spray is enough, two sprays is the max limit.

Skipping the spray

There are certain places where you need to be aware that wearing a perfume or cologne can be inappropriate and annoying for others. For example in an airplane where you are 30000 feet above ground closed up in a cabin with no natural air refreshment. In swimming pools as well, the effect of chlorine on fragrances can create bad odors instead of revitalizing.

Rules for wearing cologne properly    

There are certain rules for applying cologne professionally. Random is not good and can create a bad effect and impression. You can avoid such mistakes by learning how to wear it properly.

  • Spray fragrance on dry and hot areas of the skin, the heat will help you enhance the scents and last longer. Warmest parts of your body are your chest, neck, wrist, forearm, inner elbow, and shoulder.
  • Do not spray on clothes because fragrance is supposed to mix with your skin oils.
  • Do not rub on skin as it will make the scent weaker.
  • Don’t spray a cloud into the air and walk through; this will just make you lose all the scent goodness.  
  • Don’t hide bad odors of your body with perfume, as matter of fact the reaction of chemicals can react nastily and create even worse odors.

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